31 Days to Build a Better Blog

I first heard about ProBlogger blog about a few years ago, before I even started my own journey into writing a blog. I read all posts with enthusiastic student to absorb all the free knowledge I can get from the daily posting. Darren Rowse is blogging for many years and runs a 2 successful blogs to make enough money to never having to work in a traditional job and live comfortably with his family.

I am usually wary of some unknown person selling a success blog product as I usually do not see the proof and it is real, but with Darren we can all see, he is making good money for his online adventures and Price was reasonable so I bought it when I was a beginner blogger, and I am glad I did as it helped me get started on right path when I started my blogging life. While I am no where near successful as he is, I am slowly making some money right now. Let’s look at 31 days to Build a Better Blog By Darren Rowse in details.

Who is Darren Rowse?


Darren Rowse is better known as Problogger (A blogger, whose full time income comes from blogging related activities and sites), he is running problogger and photography blogs successfully. He is published author, and has membership forum site and gives presentations and talks to various blog conferences. He has written this ebook, many years after his blog was successful so we know it has a years of experience to share in it.

What is included in the ebook?

It is 94 pages of ebook. Well actually pages are double sided so you can say, it is really 188 pages of work book.

It has 31 tasks, designed to follow one task each day, so by 31 days you will have accomplished your goal to have a better blog. You can repeat steps again next month to make a routine to keep improving your blog slowly or as fast as you want.

It also includes 1 hour podcast, which has questions and answers series to further help you as a new blogger.

How much does it sell for?

The current price is $19.99.

What we liked about this ebook?

  • Each task set for each day: Breaking down huge tasks in to simple 31 daily task is a much better idea and we do not feel overwhelm doing all at once.
  • Guide by Expert: When I was new to blogging, learning curve was too steep, guide by expert who have done it successfully gave me a confidence to get started when things were not going so well in the beginning.
  • Understanding Why and How: This ebook explains why particular task is important in blogging world and how to do it right. When we know why of things, it motivates us to do some grunt work, we otherwise would not have done it
  • Note Taking: There is an area in workbook to take notes down as ideas comes or good suggestion to write it down so you will not forget it.
  • Link to Forum: There is also interactive link to 31DBB forum where you can ask questions and get additional tips from other community members.
  • Price: It is reasonable price, I spend $20 sometimes watching movie and having snacks one time. This is far more valuable.
  • Follow your own pace: Even though the ebook title says 31 days, one can set his or her own pace by doing one task in one week or doing 4 tasks in one day, depending on your free time with same end result at the end of the workbook tasks.

What to consider before buying the ebook?

  • Not for everyone: This ebook is better suited for new bloggers, blogger who are stuck or lacking inspiration to go on.
  • Need to follow up: This is not a magic pill book that will make you success without work. Hard work and dedication to follow up on tasks are important.

Our Recommendation

If you are thinking about starting a blog, for fun or making money this ebook is great at having tips in one place. If you are blogging for some time, but not growing or have no inspiration to keep writing, this ebook might help giving you suggestions to break out from stuck position get you moving.

If you are already successful blogger, do not buy this ebook as it will not teach you anything new that you may not already know.

Click now to buy: 31 days to Build a Better Blog By Darren Rowse

Additonal Resource from Darren ProBlogger:

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If you are reading and looking to buy it check out How to get 25% discount for 31 DBB ebook .

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