Why You Should Not Use GoDaddy For Your Internet Business

Avoid Godaddy

As an internet marketer and working from online business, one the way I make some money is via affiliate marketing. For example, if I recommend a product and if my reader buys it, I make a small commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the great way to make money, selling other people’s product without much effort to create a product myself.

As a person who has lost some money on stupid or over hyped products, I know it is not fun to lose money on crappy products. I like to do ethical internet marketing and show you which products to NOT buy and save your money. I have  written a few reviews to show you products that I have used and/or like. Here is a popular domain and webhosting Godaddy and why you should avoid using it.

GoDaddy Hosting and Domains

I have been GoDaddy Customer and still in process of removing my domains with other Registrar such as Namecheap or Bluehost. I have been a customer and an affiliate for GoDaddy but I am no longer recommending Godaddy for following reasons;

1. GoDaddy upsells pricy add-ons.

Many people use GoDaddy’s dirt cheap coupon codes to get $1.99 domain and cheap hosting. However, when you try to buy it, godaddy tries to add so many upsell and some additional item so your final price is much higher. One time, I had to call back to remove extra add-ons that came with upsell.

2. GoDaddy is confusing for Newbies

A few of my clients was trying to set up  first blog, and Goddady site was confusing and hard to use for novices. As seen in #1, Godaddy upsells and adds some services that it becomes expensive, confusing and frustrating for some. Unless you know and have used it before, I would suggest buy from elsewhere or if you must buy it, make sure to have an expert next to you.

3. GoDaddy Supports SOPA and Backs Off

As I have written in my post SOPA  issue, which is thankfully postponed for now, Godaddy was initially supporting SOPA and PIPA. In easy terms, that means, if you had a domain or hosting from Godaddy, they can shut down your site if you used any copyright material or even linked to it by chance. So think of this way, great site like wikipedia would not exist, as there will be no free knowledge sharing, no downloads, no linking .

After many internet marketer took their business away, GoDaddy relented and stop supporting SOPA sort of. When you are running a business, you want to protect your business and content and work with companies that are stable and stable in decision making.

4. GoDaddy Hosting is slow

Godaddy apprantely puts so many domains on one server, slowing the websites for everyone involved. As these sites competes for space and bandwidth, it slows down your site, means if you lose your readers and customers for sites that sell merchandise.

Not only that, if your site loads up slow, Google penalizes your site and ranks it much lower. Why would anyone want to rank low, knowingly?

Another problem with slow hosting and slow server is, you will not know if anything is broken or needs maintenance on your site for half an hour or longer.

5. GoDaddy does not give you cPanel Control

For those of you, who are already blogging knows the power that cPanel can give in controlling and managing your domain and content. I have bluehost for hosting this website, while they are about $6 a month compared to $4 a month for GoDaddy, bluehost gives me cPanel to manage my domains. As an administrator of your site, I rather have a control of my own site and content via cPanel. You get none from Godaddy.

6. GoDaddy have lousy relationship with publishers.

For Godaddy, if you are a small publisher making little money for them, they do not care much. I have 4 people told me, they bought Godaddy from my links, yet it never clicked or registered with GoDaddy. I sent them proof of purchase from clients and their email and there was no response. I finally got to talk with one person, who seemed nice enough but did not do anything for me in the end.

Not only that, clients who bought Godaddy domain or hosting, had a such as terrible time with Godaddy customer service that I felt as I recommended them, it was my responsibility to only recommend good product with good customer services. Now, I know all Godaddy’s Rep are not bad, some are good, I have had a good customer service with them. However, generally speaking for many people, customer services from Godaddy left much to desire.


I have been a Godaddy customer and have both good and bad experience. I still have a few domains with them, which I am in process of moving to Namecheap. As namecheap is cheap and provides free whois guard, unlike Godaddy or bluehost.

The biggest lure of Godaddy is abdunce of coupon codes available, making you feel you are getting a great domain and/or hosting a cheap price, but by the time you buy it it may not be cheap at all and you end up spending same of more for the same thing. See example, here is a rough price breakdown for domain according to domain comparison site.

Price Breakdown:

  • GoDaddy $10.69 per year
  • Namecheap.com $9.69 per year
  • Name.com $8.99 pear year

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Avoid Godaddy

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