How to Make Money With Amazon

Amazon is one of the best affiliate for many people who want to promote products and make money on side. If you are on hubpages, (or not), you can join amazon as an affiliate. It is very easy to do so by providing your email and login to to get tracking id. If you are using Hubpages to promote you site, I will show a few ways to make money via Amazon on Hubpages as well.

Update Note: If you are in USA, Amazon have removed its affiliates program in several states, such as California, Illinois, Colorado and others due to government Tax issues.

How to Get Signed up for Amazon:

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Associates account here.
  2. Then of course, sign in to your account.
  3. Click on “Build Links”. You will also see your tracking code, ending in -20.
  4. You can create text link, image link or combine text and image link and place it on your site.
  5. If you are Hubpages it is easy, just go to earning section on your own account and configure your amazon account by adding your unique tracking id for amazon. You are allowed to have up to 200 such tracking id for unit.
  6. In Hubpages, when you are writing hubs just go add an amazon capsule and you can use simple keyword to get amazon listing such as “books” or “cookbooks”. Or you can do specific product by getting its original ISBN from amazon.
  7. Once you have amazon capsule ready, and write about the subject or the product and publish.
  8. Do linkbuilding and add it to social media such as twitter or stumble upon and wait. Sometimes waiting for amazon earning can take some time but it happens. I got my first amazon sell in about 3.5 weeks, it was thrilling.

Current Status of Amazon on HP:

Right now amazon on Hubpages might be in limbo as they are being in California and Amazon has nixed all california affiliates, including myself. However, right now Hubpages is working with Amazon and other people who are not affected with a few US states, still continues to make money with Amazon, so this might be still a useful subject for those who are in other states or countries. It is also good for those who have their own websites along with hubpages.

Tips on Making Most out Amazon Affiliate Program:

I had been most successful with amazon prior to nixing California Affiliates, I was making some decent money with my cooking and cookware blog. Nothing to retire on, but it was increasing. Now, I can not use many tips but I want to make sure others can use it and make money by using this time trying tips that has worked for me and others.

  • Amazon always works best when you are doing specific product review type of post or hub. Let’s suppose you are writing, how to buy a best cast iron cookware, and you can write a review based on the product.
  • Choose a product that has 4 or 5 star ratings.
  • Choose a product that has at least 30 customer reviews on amazon.
  • Amazon also has a “bestseller” category for each products subject so go through it and pick the one of top seller products.
  • Do not cut and paste reviews from other site, do research from several sites (if you do not own the product yourself) and do genuine review with good things and bad things about the product.
  • Always add a good clear image of the product and link back to amazon at the end, so if people like it, they can buy it from your link.
  • You do not have to own the product and do not have to say you own it, when you do not, In my opinion honest reviews seems to be work best.
  • I have done shorter and longer reviews both and in my experience 800-1000 words long reviews seems to always convert better for me, so do not short change and write a good detailed review.
  • You can sometimes add related products but it is not necessary, when review is well written.

Problem with Amazon:

While I said earlier, amazon is one of the best affiliates for people, I still think there are some issues to remember when working with amazon.

  • Amazon has only 24 hour cookie, meaning, if someone visits your post but does not buy it right away and it is over 24 hours, you will not get commission for it.
  • Amazon has very low percentages such as 4% to start out with with maximum of 8% which I never quite made it. I got up to 6.5% once. Many other affiliate program may offer better commission.
  • Amazon only pays $25 for some electronics items such as laptop and some camera, regardless of if someone paid over $1000 for item, you will not get 4% of it or more. That sucks.
  • Amazon is nixing affiliate program in Many US states and it can follow in other states and other countries which may not be good thing for those who want to make money online.


No matter what you do and choose, writing honest reviews and being valuable always helps. Content is always king or should I say Queen as being a woman! Good luck and hope you make money with Amazon.

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