How To Make Passive Income With Real Estate

One of the best way to set up passive income or alternative income is put your income eggs on different baskets, so no matter how market turns, you will have some income coming from various streams of investment. I am strong believer in diversifying my income, no matter how small or big the amount may be at the first.

One of the sound investment is real estate or have a rental property. Yes, even with bad real estate market in last few years and crazy foreclosures, prices for many real estate property is low and interest rate is down for many investing opportunity.

Few Key Point to Consider before investing in real estate:

  • Invest in small or fixer upper property
  • Never take more loans then you need
  • Pay cash whenever possible
  • Invest with friends or other people who knows different things
  • Hire  trusted property manager or do work yourself to save money
  • It is not 100% passive income as work is required but it is not 8 hours a day job
  • Always make sure tax liens, and other debt issue before investing

How to Find Affordable Timeshares at EBay

With the increasing demand for timeshare properties,
where one has versatile options on how to use it, it
has become one of the most popular ways on which one
will buy a certain unit for vacation purposes. But
then again, with its astronomical prices, people now
prefer to purchase timeshare properties in the resell
market rather than buying a new one at a steeper
price. Also, people can get to critique and find some
considerations from the selling party to get the best
deal possible.

Find One at EBay!

Of course, you may find one with your extensive
connections on finding a reseller of timeshares but
you may also opt for the best reselling website right
now, which is Ebay. Not only you may find an extensive
list of people who are selling timeshares, it is also
one of the best and most reliable companies that are
selling them. Also, they give big discounts on these
kinds of properties. So not only do you have a lot of
options in Ebay, you can avail of it at a better price
than anywhere else in the market.

Today, the firm has an estimated 1400 timeshares which
are placed from the west coast to the east coast, from
Hawaii to Manhattan. With that list in place, you are
assured that you can find the best place that is
suited to your lifestyle and needs. If you luck out,
sometimes you’ll get a substantial discount of 75%.
Sometimes, you may even get a property for an
unbelievable $105. But when you think about it, the
maintenance costs aren’t cut, so it’s likely that
you’ll get around $650 as bill for maintenance and a
rather funny one that costs only $105 for the

With the phenomenal costs of maintenance on hand, you
also have to watch out for other costs you may incur.
For instance, a property that costs around $120 may
also have $700, $350 and $100 in maintenance, closing
and resort transfer fees, respectively. So all in all,
you have to pay around $1280 for the first year.

Other Benefits

The most wonderful benefit that you can get for
purchasing timeshares in Ebay is that you’re free from
convoluted timeshare contracts. But what you have to
know, however, is the state policies that come with
the timeshare; meaning, you have to know where the
location of your unit is. You should know them because
it will help you escape big trouble in the long run.
It would be great if you can get help from a good
lawyer. Check it out properly, taking notice of the
fees, taxes and restrictions that come with the
timeshare property. You also have to remember that you
must avoid freaky scams and only entertain EBay fees,
nothing more, nothing less.


With all the conveniences and benefits that come along
with purchasing a timeshare property in EBay, the site
is definitely for keeps. It screens the system every
now and then to find out who is a known malicious
seller or not. But then, don’t forget of the overhead
and maintenance costs that come with the timeshare.
These are not discounted like the property price, and
it is very likely that these fees may cost around
three or even eight times the property. Lastly, you
have to watch out for the policies that come with
specific timeshares. So that not only will your
vacation will be safe, it will be hassle-free and
inexpensive as well.

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