Review of Cloud Living by Glen Allsopp

I first read about Glen about a 2 years ago, when he was frequently guest posting on many blogs I love to read, I had not heard of PluginID then. Slowly I became aware of him and liked his writing. When he had published Cloud living ebook, I was bit reluctant to spend my hard earned cash in to a possible dud product hype. So I waited. I waited until 6 months after the release of the ebook and when everyone who bought it seemed to love it, I caved in too and bought Cloud Living: By Glen Allsopp


Who is Glen?

Glen is 21 year old, who is making living through his blog and mini websites. Even though he is young, he has vast experience in internet and social media and he has run a successful blog PluginID before he sold it for mid 5 figures and running another successful blog called Viperchill where he shares his ideas once awhile in long posts.

What is included in the ebook

  • 176-page eBook in PDF Version
  • 6 Tutorial Videos (ranging from 4-10 minutes in length)
  • A Free Affiliate Website Template
  • 8-page Documentation Guide
  • 100% Free Email Support

At first I was not sure at first if cloud living for me, as I did not view myself as an internet marketer and I knew a bit about how to start a blog and run a relatively successful blog before. The ebook indeed surprised me and impressed me as it is written in easy to understand tone, and packed with step by step guide to making money with mini site and ranking in Google tips, which I had not much knowledge in.

First part shows what dpes cloud living means, cloud meaning internet and how one can make living out of it and how to do it. He also has interviews with blog experts such as Jonathan Fields, Chris Guillebeau, both who are running successful blog business. The package also contains six tutorials, free mini site template, documentation guide and free email support by Glen himself.

How much is the Price?

Currently the ebook is selling for $37, down from original price of $47.

What we liked about the ebook

  • Step by Step Guide: Many books gives you ideas but never tell you how to follow up. Cloud living not only inspires you get started on blog or mini site but also gives you step by step directions on how to do it, which is big plus in my eye.
  • Mini sites and Blogs information: This ebook has information for blogger as well as internet business with mini sites, so we can learn and diversify if we want to, when we are ready.
  • Great for new blogger: Cloud living not only shows you how to start a blog but also how to monetize it, how to rank in google for it, it is great for new bloggers. I wish I had a choice when I started it as I had to learn lot of things hard ways.
  • Selling without sales pitch: Glen’s writing tone is about doing what you love and not scamming people in to making money, which is my motto so I liked that positive tone of following passions to share value to people.
  • Lot of useful info for one Price: This ebook is not thin, it has 176 pages, videos, interviews, mini site templates and documentation guide with free email support. I think it is a fair deal.

What to consider before buying

  • Only for newish blogger: If you are already doing somewhat successful blogging and affiliate marketing, this book will have nothing new to offer you as it is aimed as newer blogger.
  • May create envy feeling: You may get envious of young Glen, as you wished you learned all these things at younger age to be more successful. But best time to change that is now.
  • Some Repeat information: There are some repeat information on both parts of the books and some free old material from his site included ( maybe as a reference so one does not have to go back and search for it).

Our Recommendation:

If you want to live and work with your passion and values like I believe in, you will like this ebook as Glen shares, what could be your earning potential, following your values and daily tasks. If you do it right, you will have no one to answer to at work, you can live and work as you choose.  Unless you are already successful making money via blog or website, this ebook as thing or two learn from. This is one of our highly recommended ebook, it may change how you live and work.

Click here to know more and buy the ebook Cloud Living: By Glen Allsopp

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